Professor Bergeron is a specialist in 19th-century U.S. history, with particular emphasis on the antebellum period. He also has regional specialties in Southern history and Tennessee history. His works include The Presidency of James K. Polk (Lawrence, 1987), Antebellum Politics in Tennessee (Lexington, 1982), and Paths of the Past: Tennessee, 1770-1970 (Knoxville, 1979). He co-authored Tennesseeans and Their History (Knoxville, 1999) with Stephen V. Ash and Jeanette Keith. He edited Volumes 8-16 of The Papers of Andrew Johnson (Knoxville, 1989-2000) and co-edited Volumes 1 and 2 of the Correspondence of James Polk (Knoxville, 1969-1972).