Yamasee War

Written By North Carolina History Project

During the Tuscarora War, the colonies of North Carolina and South Carolina formed a political and military friendship.  Two years later (1715), the Yamasee, former allies of the two colonies, rebelled against the English.  

Angered at treaty violations and the seizure of women and children to be used as slaves, the Yamasee soon became enemies of South Carolina. The tribe formed an alliance with the Catawba and others and attacked settlements. The South Carolina governor gathered the militia and retaliated. What was left of the Yamasee fled to Spanish Florida.  

North Carolina contributed to this war effort as repayment for South Carolina’s help in defeating the Tuscarora.  

The Yamasee defeat opened a part of South Carolina for exploration and settlers occupied the land and some become prosperous planters there. The Yamasee defeat, along with an alliance with the powerful Cherokee, ensured that what is now eastern and Piedmont North and South Carolina became virtually non-Indian land and open to unimpeded English settlement.