Louis Froelich and Company

Written By North Carolina History Project

The “Sword Maker for the Confederacy,” Louis Froelich moved his company (formerly known as the CSA Arms Factory) to Kenansville, North Carolina after a yellow epidemic epidemic struck Wilmington in 1862.  The factory produced numerous swords, utensils, and sabers for the Confederacy’s fighting forces.  

In the fall of 1862, the company started operations and supplied necessary arms for the Confederate States Army.  During the American Civil War, the company produced various products: eighteen surgical sets, 3,700 lance spears, 6,500 saber bayonets, 11,700 cavalry sabers, 2,700 officer’s sabers, 600 naval cutlasses, 800 artillery cutlasses, 300 saber belts, and 300 knapsacks.
In an 1863 report, Union Major General John G. Foster and Lt. Col George W. Lewis more than likely referred to the Louis Froelich and Company.  They reported that Union forces destroyed an armory containing approximately 2,500 sabres and various other weapons and equipment.  

Today, Franklin Fussell established the CSA Sword Factory Foundation to preserve this part of Duplin County’s history.