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Early America

Queen Anne’s Revenge


During the early 1700s, the Pirate Blackbeard terrorized the seas off the coast of North Carolina and became a notorious villain.  His vessel, The Queen Anne’s Revenge, was as equally infamous.

African American



In 1794, a Granville County slave, Quillo, was accused of plotting a slave rebellion. 


Quinn, James Leland III (1933-1980)


A distinguished pioneer and investigator in the field of nuclear medicine, James Leland Quinn helped change the direction of medical science in the twentieth century.

Colonial North Carolina

Quitrents (Colonial Period)


As early as 1665, North Carolinians disliked taxes, even if deemed necessary.  They especially loathed abuse of power and mismanagement of revenue.  A chief concern for colonists was the quitrent—basically a land tax.  North Carolinians’ irritation with the quitrent intensified during the early 1700s, when the new provincial government tried collecting back taxes and the Assembly and royal officials debated the proper role of the government and the quitrent.