Angela Roach Roberson is the Associate Pastor of Congregational United Church of Christ in High Point.  She is a graduate of East Carolina University, Hood Theological Seminary, and Duke Divinity School.  She has served as a Duke Divinity Guide and Duke University Marshal.  Her service and honors at Hood Theological Seminary include Student Government Association President (2009-2010), The President’s Award (2010), The Hood Alumni Association Honor (2009), The Thomas A. Langford Award in Theology (2008), and The History of Christianity Award (2006).  The United Church of Christ awarded her both the Richard and Helen Brown Pastoral Scholarship and the Make a Difference Scholarship (2009). 


Stanley, Kathryn T. (1903-1985)

  Despite never having been ordained, Kathryn T. Stanley still contributed significantly to the High Point community and the Congregational Christian Church denomination.   As her church’s "Director of Activities," Stanley was in every practical sense the de facto pastor of Washington Terrace Congregational Church.