Madison, Dolley

Wife of the fourth president of the United States, Dolley Madison was born in Guilford County, North Carolina, on May 20, 1768. A Southern belle and a charming social host, Dolley earned the distinction as one of the First Ladies to open up the White House to Washington politicians and foreign diplomats. One of the most intriguing tales of the First Lady remains her escape from the White House during the War of 1812, when she managed to save Gilbert Stuart’s famous portrait of George Washington.


Tar Heels of The Past: Quotes and Corruption

Many times, nothing proves a point better than a good quote. Anything else—a paraphrase or an explanation—only dampens a literary passage’s verve or weakens an argument’s persuasiveness. So with brief contextual background, here are four quotes from North Carolinians regarding the importance of liberty and the imperative to defend it against corrupt government.


Onslow County (1734)

Onslow County, formed in 1734 and named after Sir Arthur Onslow, is a southern coastal county in North Carolina. Its seat of government is Jacksonville, and it is home to the largest Marine base in the world, Camp Lejeune. The first time Europeans encountered Native Americans may have occurred in Onslow County.


Durham County (1881)

Described by an early explorer as the “flower of the Carolinas”, Durham is a central Piedmont county that was annexed from Orange and Wake counties in 1881. Driven by the tobacco industry in the late 1800s and early 1900s, Durham County was the city of the affluent American Tobacco Company. Today, the Research Triangle Park (RTP) and the medical institutions make Durham a national asset. In addition, Duke University and North Carolina Central University are in the city.


Guilford County (1771)

Formed in 1771 from parts of the Orange and Rowan counties, Guilford lies in the Piedmont region of North Carolina, and its county seat is Greensboro. The decisive Battle of Guilford Courthouse occurred in Guilford in 1781, and O. Henry, Dolly Madison, and Edward R. Murrow were all born in the county. The county is home to the two major cities of Greensboro and High Point.


Davie County (1836)

Located in the western Piedmont, Davie County is named in honor of an American Revolutionary Patriot, William Davie. The county was formed in 1836 from Rowan County, and the county seat is Mocksville.


Davidson County (1822)

Established in 1822, Davidson County is a central, Piedmont county in North Carolina. Davidson County has a rich history that dates back to the colonial era and is known for its furniture industries.  More than a few boast about the area’s distinct barbecue style that is exhibited at the annual Lexington Barbecue Festival.


Stanly County (1841)

Stanly County, named for the notable North Carolina politician John Stanly, was established from Montgomery in 1841. Morrow Mountain, the Uwharrie Mountains, and the Yadkin-Pee Dee River are impressive physical characteristics within Stanly County.


Fanning, David (1755-1825)

David Fanning led a tumultuous life and was a controversial figure during and after the Revolutionary War.  Once a Patriot, Fanning turned to the Loyalist cause and was able to raise as many as 950 men for his missions.